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Since time immemorial it has been popular in Navarre and the Basque Country. The actual date of its discovery is unknown, but this liqueur was consumed by both nobles and vassals alike during mediaeval times, due its healing properties.
The tradition of making Pacharan first arose in Navarre. Pacharan is a liqueur made by macerating the fruit Prunus Espinosa (sloe berry, blackthorn fruit, patxaran) in anise.
It is known that Pacharan was included among the dishes served at the wedding of Gonofre of Navarre (1394 - 1428), the illegitimate son of King Carlos III and Doña Teresa de Arellano in 1415. It is also known that Queen Blanca I of Navarre (1385-1441) drank Pacharan because of its medicinal properties when she fell ill at the Monastery of Santa María de Nieva in 1441.
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Pacharan is the most popular of all recipes used to make this type of spirit in Spain. It is made using the methods and customs of this typical drink, preserving its artisan nature. LICORES BAINES continues to make its products using traditional resources and preserving ancient methods. Proof of this is the Artisan Diploma awarded to the company by the regional government of Navarre and the fact that Baines Pacharan belongs to the "Pacharan Navarro Designation Regulating Body", an official body that vouches for the quality of the process and products used to make this liqueur.
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Pacharan is typical of Navarre; it has been consumed over the ages and its popularity increases year after year. It is known that this liqueur was and still is, made at home for household use and has been consumed since mediaeval times. Navarre has the perfect conditions for growing the main ingredient, the sloe berry, and much research has been conducted into the cultivation and implantation of the blackthorn and controlled production in Navarre since the 1980s.
Licores Baines can now harvest the fruit at the appropriate time!
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This drink, an indisputable accompaniment for the people of Navarre at parties, celebrations and after meals, is now a product habitually found in homes and hotels in many other regions and countries.
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